Season 29
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Season 29
Filming Location Venezuela
Season Run April 11th, 2015 -
April 12th, 2015
Host Jack
Survivors 18
Winner Ian
Runner(s)-up Cole
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season Season 28
Next Season Season 30

Jack's Skype Survivor: Venezuela is the 29th Season of JSS! It ended with Ian beating Cole by a 4-3 vote for the title of Sole Survivor!

Patrick won the Host's Favorite award, and Matthew won the randomized Fan Favorite award.


  • Three Tribes: The castaways were divided into three tribes with six members each.
  • Hidden Immunity Idol: Two Idols were hidden for each tribe. They could be found on Jack's blog under the URL's /michaelsnow, /lisawhelchel, /jennlyon and /danbarry.
  • Double Tribal Council: With 14 contestants remaining, no tribe swap occured but instead a double tribal was released with the two losing tribes going to tribal council.
  • Three Tribes Until Merge: After dropping their buffs when there were 12 people left, the castaways were shocked to learn that they would be divided back into three tribes of four people each.