Contestant Profile
Hometown New Jersey

Season 11

Tribe(s) ██ Tandang
██ Kalabaw
██ Dangrayne
Placement 6/15
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 2

Season 12

Tribe(s) ██ Herero
██ Wayeyi
Placement 3/14
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 2

Season 13

Tribe(s) ██ Macan
██ Macanaga
Placement 6/16
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 2

Season 14

Tribe(s) ██ Korubo
██ Aymara
Placement 4/16
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 2

Season 15

Tribe(s) ██ Khepri
██ Anubis
Placement 11/16
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 1

Season 16

Tribe(s) ██ Akarui
[[|██]] [[]]
Placement 3/16
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 2

Season 18

Tribe(s) ██ Vichada
██ Bogota
Placement 8/12
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 2
Scott is a contestant from Season 11, Season 12, Season 13, Season 14, Season 15, Season 16, Season 18, Season 19, and the Sole Survivor of Season 21 and Season 32.

Season 11Edit

In Season 11, Scott came into the game not really knowing anyone. He didn’t talk to too many people on Tandang during their small victory streak cause he didn’t think he would make it far. When Tandang went to Tribal for the first time, Sott just did whatever Danny told him too because Danny was the only person he knew. He was relieved to see that Hanne left in a 4-1 vote instead of him. The tribe swap happened and everyone from Tandang was on Kalabaw except for Jen. Ryan went to Danny and Scott and purposed a final 3 deal and that all of Tandang took it to the end. When they lost the first immunity as new tribes because Scott couldn’t find the score that he saved, he thought his game was over. However, Ryan was able to get Laure in with them and when Laure said Rhea wanted to get some sleep they all voted her out in a 5-1 vote. The new tribe took it all the way to the merge and had a 5-4 advantage against the other tribe. At the first tribal council, Laure called out that Sam/Lindsay/Bailey all had an alliance and that everyone on her side was voting for Sam. However, Sam played the hidden immunity idol on herself and the alliance of 3 and Conor sent Laure to the jury. The new Kalabaw alliance were willing to go to rocks to get majority back, plus Scott figured that he could get Conor to flip on his alliance. Not only did Conor stay true to his allies, but they all got Dane to turn on Kalabaw as well, sending Ryan home in a 5-2 vote. At final 7, Scott was sure it would be him because he always flopped when it got to this part of the game. However Bailey and Dane approached him about voting out Sam because she would be an instant threat to win the game, and by a 4-3 vote, Scott was saved yet again. At final 6, Scott still thought he had Conor and Dane with him so instead of voting out Dane like Danny suggested Scott decided he would vote Lindsay instead. But that was stupid and it sent Scott to jury in a 4-1-1- vote. At FTC, Scott expressed his dislike towards Dane as he flipped on their alliance and questioned Lindsay’s gameplay as she not once spoke to him. Pleased by Lindsay’s answer, Scott voted for her and she won the game by a 6-1 vote.

Season 12Edit

In Season 12, Scott was put on the Herero tribe. He found himself in the majority as Grace, Joe, and Danny all wanted to work with him. When the Herero tribe lost the first immunity challenge, they unanimously voted for MJ since he was the reason why they lost. When they lost the third immunity, everyone voted for Bailey for losing the challenge for their tribe except for Grace who voted for Lindsay while Bailey voted Grace. Scott heard from Joe that Lindsay made a final 3 deal with Danny and Joe and wanted to bring in Scott as the fourth person. Not pleased with being #4, Scott made his bond stronger with Grace so Grace would be loyal to him. During their small immunity streak, Scott got bored and stalked Jack’s blog. While doing so, he ended up finding the merge idol before the merge even happened. They all merged at F9, and Scott felt comfortable because he was with the numbers this time and he had the idol. He told Grace about the idol so that Grace would stick with Scott and the Herero tribe. Lindsay wanted Conor to go first, so Scott was able to get Grace to vote with them and they sent Conor home 5-4. Danny became a med-evac when his power went out at school, and Lindsay grew worried that Grace wasn’t going to stay loyal to them. She played her idol for safety, but it wasn’t worth it as Grace voted with them sending Austin home with 4 out of the 7 votes. At Final 6, Grace was getting eager to send Lindsay home, so she went to Jen and Nathan about voting her out. Scott talked Joe into voting her out as well by stating that Grace would stick with them and even went as far as telling Joe that he had the idol. Lindsay was sent home in the first and only unanimous vote in the merge. At final 5, Nathan tried to convince Scott to vote out Joe with Jen and himself, but Scott had a F2 with both Grace and Joe and didn’t want to go against them. So when Nathan won immunity, Scott played his idol on Joe since he knew Joe was getting votes and didn’t want his hard work on stalking Jack’s blog to go to waste. So he played the idol on Joe and Jen was sent home with 3 votes cast against her. At final 4, Scott’s alliance flopped at the challenge and Nathan won immunity. Not wanting to vote out any of his allies, Scott convinced Nathan to let Grace and Joe go to a tiebreaker challenge, which Joe won. At the final immunity challenge, Scott thought he would win it for sure since he had a good relationship with everyone in the jury. Sadly, Nathan won yet again and sent Scott; making Scott the final member of the jury. At FTC, Scott praised Joe for his loyal gameplay and showed his bitter feelings towards Nathan not taking Scott to the end because Scott probably would have won this season had he been sitting there. So Scott voted for Joe and Joe ended up winning the game.

Season 13Edit

In Season 13, Scott didn’t have any alliances except for an alliance with Dane. Although Scott almost lost a ton of challenges for his tribe, his tribe won every challenge so he didn’t have to worry about alliances yet. When the swap happened, Scott was paired with Molly and Ryan from Macan and MJ, Benji, and Nathan from Naga. Scott made a final 3 deal with Ryan and Molly and proved his loyalty to them. They won every challenge as well so Scott never had a chance to go to tribal council. When the merge happened, MJ and Benji told Scott that Nathan was trying to get him out, so in fear of Nathan possibly having an idol Scott voted out his former ally Dane because it was what Ryan and Molly wanted. Everyone was upset with Scott for not flipping, but it was stupid for Scott to since if he got them all to vote Nathan, Nathan would have played his idol and Scott would have left. So the next tribal Nathan was sent home. Grace pleaded that Scott tried to save her, but no one in his alliance would budge so Grace left next. At final 6, Ryan told Scott to make a final 4 deal with Benji, MJ, and CiCi so they could possibly go to rocks. Scott not only did this, but he also told them that Ryan wanted Benji out so that Benji, MJ, and CiCi would vote out Ryan and give them majority. However, instead of voting out Ryan they voted for Scott instead, and Scott voted for CiCi with Ryan and Molly. Scott tried to convince Molly to stick with him and Ryan because he genuinely wanted that to be the final 3. Sadly, Molly was afraid of rocks happening like she was in Maluku and voted Scott out over CiCi, making Scott placed 6th yet again. At FTC, Scott expressed his dislike towards Molly for going against Scott and for killing any possible chance of rocks happening. So he openly stated that he was voting for Ryan, but Molly still won by a 4-3 vote.

Season 14Edit

In Season 14, Scott had an alliance with Dane, Maria, Nathan, and MJ that controlled majority on their tribe. Scott didn’t have to worry because his tribe won all the immunity challenges again, and everyone on his tribe made merge except for MJ who got idoled out by Jonathan when the swap happened. Everyone wanted Greg out first at merge so Scott voted out Greg. Then when he believed he had Maria and Dane with him in majority, it ended up that Dane flipped on Maria, Scott, and Nathan and sent Nathan to jury. Scott told Dane that he really wanted to work with him again, So Dane was able to pull in CiCi and they all voted out Dustin. Grace realized she was on the bottom now and told Scott that Dane was the one who brought up his name as Scott received votes from Dustin, Grace, and Kevin. He still wanted Grace out though, so they sent Grace home at final 6 by a 4-2 vote. Scott felt uneasy about Dane because of what Grace told him. So Scott and Maria tried to vote out Dane and they thought they had Kevin with them. Plus Cici said that she wanted Maria out, and Scott couldn’t vote her out since she is main bae out of all of his baes. So when it was tied between Maria and Dane, Maria was sent home and Scott was in the final 4. Scott tried to win immunity, but couldn’t find the last puzzle piece and Dane won instead. Scott tried to get Kevin to vote out CiCi, but Kevin was stupid and voted out Scott at final 4 by a 3-1 vote instead of tying it like what always happens on JSS. At FTC, Scott didn’t think Dane would have a chance at winning because he thought the jury was gonna be bitter towards him like they were last time so he voted for CiCi. But CiCi ended up winning by a 4-3 vote so Scott kinda wishes he voted Dane over Cici but its whatever. Scott also won the Host's Favorite award for making it far into the game each time he played.

Season 15Edit

Scott returned for the 5th time in Season 15. He decided to bring back the Tandang alliance in Season 11 since his tribe consisted of Ryan, Danny, and Kevin. Right before the swap happened Scott told his Khepri tribe mates that they should stick together and name their alliance “Khepri Sun”. At the swap, Scott was #4 in the alliance of CiCi, Tyler, and Kevin and Conor wanted to work with him as well. When Anubis lost immunity, everyone told Conor that Scott was trying to vote him out, so Conor got Mario to vote Scott out with him and Conor played his idol, neglecting the 4 votes that were casted against him and sending Scott home by 2 votes. Scott whined as he got voted out because he was upset about not making the merge for the first time in any survivor game that he played in, but he was also really tired after doing a 24 hour endurance trivia challenge for Tumblr Survivor: Newfoundland and he only slept for 3 out of the 24 hours. So he went to sleep as soon as he got voted out.

Season 16 Edit

Scott was asked back to compete in All Stars for making it far when he plays but never finishing out strong in the end. Early on in the game Scott was in the majority alliance with Austin, Casey, Grace, and Nay. Their tribe won every challenge with the exception of 1, and that tribal caused a unanimous vote against Mandy. Scott's tribe entered the merge with a 7-2 advantage, with Jules and Lindsay being the only ones from the other tribe left. The first vote Lindsay was sent home, leaving Jules left. The majority alliance of Akarui was worried Jules had an idol, so they split the vote on Bailey in case she played an idol and when she played the idol he was sent packing. At final 7, they tried to vote Jules out again but Jules found the other idol and played it. The majority alliance was worried they would lose a member, but were relieved to see that she voted Conor out. Jules got voted out the next vote and the majority alliance now had to turn on their own. At final 5 Scott voted with Casey, but Casey was sent home so Scott knew he was next. However Scott won individual immunity so they voted out Nay instead. Scott needed to win the final immunity if he wanted a shot at winning but he didn't and was voted out by Austin. Scott voted for Austin to win a second time cause Grace needed 2nd place on her list of placements she got so far.

Season 18 Edit

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Season 19 Edit

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Season 21 Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Found the merge idol in Season 12 before the merge even happened
  • Season 15 and Season 19 were the only times Scott didn't make the merge
  • Single handedly won a challenge for his tribe in All Stars
  • Won his first individual immunity challenge in Season 14
  • Had 2 idols in his possession at the same time in Season 21