Regan Contestant
Contestant Profile

Season 32

Tribe(s) ██ Luzern
Placement Runner-Up (2/16)
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 2
Regan is the runner up on Season 32.

She is most remembered for her Final Tribal Speech:

Sorry. I started from d1 as someone who just cant play the game. I know scott was my f2 from day 1. I made big moves. I had a f3 and a f4 I chose to go with the f4. I knew who  to trust and who not to. I strung miranda along too. I didnt go against ryan but I know Im truly a threat. I aligned with everyone including blake for a certain amount of time and with mason on the tribe. people always wanted to vote me out. Votes came up for me time and time again but because of my social game I was able to make it along. ANd I got scott to take me to the final 2 because I had him believe marko was the real threat, but is that true? We will see.